Friday, 6 December 2013

So on Tuesday I went to my psychiatrist and I was given a prescription for Melatonin, which I took a few years ago as an over the counter drug with great effect for a short while. Afterwards I walked ahead to a book store (where I saw a really cool book called the Shadow Hunter's Codex for those of you who are into Mortal Instruments (as I have been for years)) while Mum got the script filled for me. To be fair, my Mum is amazing, she gets my prescriptions right every time... except for this one time. Mum came back with Circadin. Which I remembered the good Dr specifically saying that she would not put me on. While this is Melatonin, it is a prolonged release type and the Dr said that this wasn't a good idea as it probably would make my already difficult mornings impossible, as it would make me even more drowsy. So we went back to the pharmacy and it turns out we have to go to a specialist pharmacy called a "compound pharmacy" where they make up their own pills. So now we have to go find one of those near our house so I can get to sleep and start to have a normal life again.

But anyway, the count down begins till Christmas as the temperature rises along with Christmas trees and lights. Who can wait for the joy filled day that Santa comes and the ABC plays the Dr Who Christmas Special? I certainly can't!!

So while I was I Bowral to see my psychiatrist I got to go to this amazing restaurant called "Wild Foods". If you are Coeliac and in the area (or even if you are just in the area) I would recommend it most highly! It has wonderful open-faced burgers and beautiful velvet cake, all gluten free (their menu comes with gluten free options for most things if the actual food item itself isn't gluten free, including some lovely bread). It has BYO for adult people and smoothies and milkshakes for kidley winks.

So, lessons learnt:
1. ALWAYS check your prescriptions, if they aren't filled properly then go back and talk to your pharmacist, they can always fix it for you.
2. ALWAYS listen to your Dr when they talk to you about your prescriptions, if you hear something that later makes you think your prescriptions may be filled wrong then go back and check with your pharmacist, that is what they're there for!!
 3. ALWAYS be on the look out for good cafes! They can change your outlook on a day and a good slice of cake always makes those long trips to see specialists worthwhile when you feel drained. 

So I leave you with my words of wisdom and go off to find a place to take a highly medicated kip.
Until next time my fellow travellers on life's twisty turny journey!

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